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"Very many thanks for my beautiful new mallet which I received yesterday morning. I played with it in the afternoon and although I lost my games I felt my shots improved and of course while waiting my tern I could admire your craftsmanship. My aim in playing is to enjoy myself and I can now do that in abundance."

KB - Aug 2021


"We received the mallets yesterday and are very pleased with them."

SR - Aug 2021


"Your beautiful mallets arrived and are much admired (and stroked) by my nephews and nieces... So we are enjoying your craftsmanship and I am grateful to you for sending them so swiftly."

CM - Aug 2021


"Thank you so much for putting together such an excellent selection of mallets for us Michael. They arrived on time and in good condition. We are very pleased with them and hope that, in time, they will generate more orders for you. I still love my mallet and it is doing good work for me in both croquet codes."

TF - June 2021


"My mallet has arrived safely and looks great, many thanks for your efficient, first class service."

PS - Jun 2021


"My new mallet was delivered safely to Mike this morning. I have played with it and I am absolutely delighted with it. I love the elm and the overall appearance of it is very pleasing."

MP - May 2021


"Mallet arrived this morning, thank you, in good oerder, and within minutes was in action, just right in every way."

ML - May 2021


"I have just this very minute unwrapped the parcel containing my new mallet, so I wish to express my sincere thanks for such a prompt service... My thanks again for being so helpful and good to deal with."

BY - May 2021


"... just to say that my mallet has arrived and it is a thing of beauty. I will try to justify owning it by improving my play and looking after it according to your guidance. Many thanks for sending it promptly."

CD - May 2021


"I purchased a mallet for myself from another company about a year ago but haven't been completely satisfied with the balance and workmanship. So I turned to the internet a few months ago to find a mallet for my wife's birthday present. I came across your website. You had an amazing choice of wood selections for the head as well as a large variety of shafts.

You responded almost immediately after I contacted you. You provided advice on the head selection pointing out certain woods wouldn't be good in my Florida climate. I decided to take the plunge (over $300 US when including shipping - not the cheapest mallet, but by far from the most expensive) with no information but what was on your website and an exchange of a few emails.

I received the mallet about two weeks after ordering it. That's a custom mallet from England to the US IN TWO WEEKS. I was amazed. Not only that, the mallet looked beautiful. Mt wife fell in love with it. I tried it and I did too. It played as well as it looked. So I ordered one for myself.

This time the mallet (a bit more expensive due to the head wood selection and the carbon fibre shaft) arrived in 8 DAYS!!! And it is even more beautiful than the first. I could not be more thrilled.

Please use this feedback on your website so others hear about the craftsmanship and service you provide. I thank you and wish you and your company continued success.

P.S. I will certainly be referring croquet friends and acquaintances to you, but the mallets you sent me are by far your best advertising."

JB - May 2021


"Thank you very much for the mallet which arrived today. I am looking forward to playing with it tomorrow and I'm hoping it will improve my game. It looks great, I love the wood."

AG - April 2021


"Hello Michael, delighted with the mallet... arrived today... thank you."

VS - April 2021


"My mallet arrived this afternoon & I am delighted with it, thank you very much for the prompt delivery."

MS - October 2020


"You'll be pleased to hear the mallets have arrived safely. They are truly beautiful and a work of art. We have been out this afternoon to try them out. They were much admired... Thanks again for your beautiful workmanship."

KJ - February 2019


"My new mallet arrived today. It look's perfect, so thank you very much !"

MP - May 2018


"It's a lovely piece of work - thank you"

BM - April 2018


"Just to let you know the mallet arrived safely today. It looks beautiful - thank you!"

MB - April 2018

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